Aruba: Barcadera

In 2013 Aruba Ports Authority N.V. announced that they were ready to begin Aruba’s US $62 million dollar project to Design, Build, Finance, Maintain, Operate, and Transfer the Multi-Cargo Sea Terminal at Barcadera.

The contract was awarded to the local stevedoring company Aruba Stevedoring Company (ASTEC) NV. The project will be implemented as a Public Private Partnership (PPP) under the Landlord Model. The concessionaire will be responsible for the investments in terminal infrastructure, labor, and operational activities.

The port’s vision is to realize a project with guaranteed sustainability. This project is thus of vital importance for diversification of Aruba’s economy and its future growth.

Port information

  • Port operator: Aruba Ports Authority N.V.
  • Pilot boarding grounds: Latitude 12° 28.5′ N; longitude 70° 01′ W
  • Range lights: 093° (from sea)
  • Tidal Range and Flow: 4m
  • Time Zone: GMT -4
  • Navigation Charts: BA Charts 702 & 1412
  • Contact: Aruba Ports Authority VHF CHNL 16 and/or 11
  • Emergency numbers: 5821740 coast station / 911
  • Width of harbor entrance:3 Mtrs
  • Width of harbor: 300 Mtrs
  • Depth: 97
  • Turning Basin: 300 Mtrs
Fresh Water: Available, connections are requiredLocation: 12º29’N,     70º00’W
Time Zone: GTM – 4 hrs.
Lightline: 093º (from sea)
Dutch Chart: 2715
Admiralty chart: 1412, 702
Berth Length: 350 meters
Direction Berth: 115º (295º)
Distance Between Moorings: 27 meters
Maximum Depth: 9.75 meters (32’)
Turn circle: 300 meters
Maximum ship’s length: 230* meters
*Ships LOA > 125 meters Only by daylight.
Maximum ship length: 245 meters
Maximum Depth: 9.75 meters (32’)
Mooring: On port-side by arrival
Turning: Only by daylight, with a maximum draft of 7.92 meters (26’)