Curacao: Bullenbay

Bullen Bay, also known as the Curaçao (Oil) Terminal, is an open spacious bay on the southwest side of Curaçao, where the biggest vessels can enter safely. Built by Royal Shell, it is now partly leased by PDVSA as a storage/supply facility for the Emmastad Refinery. Transshipment of crude and products are also carried out from this bay.

The terminal was built to facilitate economical transshipment of 1,200,000 b/d of Eastern Hemisphere crude arriving in Very Large Crude Carriers (VLCC’s) for storage and subsequent carriage by smaller ships to draft restricted U.S. ports. Crude can be transported from the storage tanks through pipelines to the refinery in the Port of Willemstad. The Venezuelan oil company, PDVSA, now operates the facilities. Bunkering and underwater cleaning are available.

Port Description
• Location: Bullen Bay is located on the southwest coast of Curaçao, eight miles northwest of Willemstad.
• General Overview: Bullen Bay is mainly used as an oil terminal. There are 3 V.L.C.C. T-head jetties and 3 L.R.T-head jetties.
• Max Size: No limit for LOA, max draft 28.7m.
• Anchorage: There is no anchorage in the bay.
• Berths: Bullen Bay has 3 V.L.C.C. T-shaped jetties. The largest jetty is only 110m offshore and can accommodate vessels up to 550,000 DWT on full draft, while the smallest jetty can accommodate vessels up to 70.000 DWT.
• Storage Facilities: Crude oil, fuel oil and products terminal. Total capacity is 17,750,000 barrels. There are facilities to store and transship heavy, heated crude and fuel oil. The storage consists of three tanks of 375,000 barrels capacity each. The maximum storage temperature is 90ºC. The system is able to provide segregated storage for different grades.
• Barges: Available from Willemstad on request.
• Bunker Facilities: There is equipment for all grades of fuel available at a rate of 3,800 barrels per hour. Fresh water: also available at the piers.
• Ballast/slop reception: Deballasting and slop reception facilities available.

Bullen Bay (Curacao)