Curacao Shipyard

Curacao: Shipyard

Located at the North East corner of the Schottegat harbor, Port of Willemstad, the Curaçao Dry-dock Company Inc., a private company owned by the government, was established in 1959 to meet the demands for quality repairs in the Port of Willemstad. [READMORE/] With two large graving docks, one floating dock, cranes with capacities of up to 75 tons and more than 2,000 meters of repair wharves and fully equipped repair shops, the Curaçao Drydock Company is one of the largest and best equipped ship repair facilities in the Caribbean.

An extended division of Curaçao Drydock Company, using the yard’s facilities, undertakes any voyage repair on vessels in several harbors in and around Curaçao.

Antilla Dock (“A-Dock”)
Type: Graving Dock
Between dock walls 280 x 48.00m.
Between fenders 280 x 47.35m.
Depth of water over keel blocks FWD  5.70m / AFT 8.48m.
Slope 1:100 Height of keel blocks: 1.57m. Except for Mega Cruise ships.
Deadweight tonnage: 150,000 tons.

Beatrix Dock (“B-Dock”)
Type: Graving Dock
Between dock walls 193 x 26.5m.
Between fenders 193 x 25.9m.
Depth of water over keel blocks 6.3m even keel.
Height of blocks 1.45m.
Deadweight tonnage: 28,000 tons.

Curacao Dock (“C-Dock”)
Type: Floating Dock
Between dock walls 165 x 30m
Height of keel blocks 1.30m
Lifting capacity: 10,000 tons.

Repair Wharves – EEG Quay
Length: 503m
Type: Quay
Draft: 10m

Repair Wharves – S.W. Quay
Type: Quay
Draft: 6-10m

Repair Wharves – B. Quay
Type: Quay
Draft: 3-10m