Bonaire: Port of Kralendijk

General Description

Kralendijk, the capital of Bonaire, has three piers which can accommodate any ship including “Queen Elizabeth 2” and “Canberra.” This is the port for break-bulk and container cargo and all cruise ships.

  1. Ro-Ro Pier

For ships of maximum 330 feet long, 18 feet draft, 5,000 GRT.

  1. Southern Pier (New Pier)

Vessels up to 100,000 DWT and 1,050 feet long can dock but it is generally used by cruise ships and larger cargo ships. Inshore of the pier is a Ro-Ro ramp used by vessels up to 300 feet in length and 16 feet draft.

Pier dimensions:

  Length:  394 feet
  Width:  46 feet
  Depth alongside:  33 feet
  Height above water level:  6 feet
  Max. Load factor per cubic meter:  2000 kg


  1. Northern Pier

Usually used by cruise ships. Vessels up 738” LOA and 50,000 DWT may berth. Close to shops, restaurant, Old Fort, Wilhelmina Park, new Sea Promenade and other attractions.

Pier dimensions:


Length: 225 feet
Width: 50 feet
Depth alongside: 33 feet
Height above water level: 6 feet
Max. Load factor per cubic meter: 2000 kg


Pilot age

For all ports in Bonaire pilotage is compulsory for vessels over 50 GRT. Service is rendered 24 hours a day on ordinary weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Pilot boards harbour of Kralendijk

One mile west of Kralendijk Piers, south of the Island of Klein Bonaire, Pilot boards from orange pilot boat “Bub.i” The Kralendijk pilot station is located at 12°8’3” North and 68°17’4” West.


Any ballast discharged at Bonaire must be clean, oceanic water taken from at least 12 miles offshore. Pilot will present Master a “Ballast water declaration” to sign.